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We all know how useful the warranty is. Once you buy a brand new device, it is extremely important to have legally-ensured service replacement and correction of issues insofar as the warranty. Huawei offers different types of such guarantee. They differ not only in duration but also in the possibilities of repairing or replacing the device.

Huawei SmartphoneAlthough the warranty is undoubtedly a great thing, a common problem starts at the moment of losing the invoice, bill or simply forgetting the exact warranty end date. But no longer you have to worry about such a situation! Below you will find all necessary information regarding Huawei Warranty Terms and Types. And here’s time for best of all… you'll be able to check the warranty status by yourself!

Huawei Warranty Types

However, firstly let's take a look at all possible types of warranty offered by Huawei. The duration is closely related to a type number which our checker will provide you with. There are several different warranty options, starting with typical periodic warranty - for 1 or 2 years. Then you've got replacement type, which allows you to replace the device with a completely new one in a set period of time, exemplary 7, 14 or in some cases even 365 days. Finally, there is the Return option. Obviously, that means nothing else, but the particular period of time in which under warranty your device can be returned. In some cases, we may also see insurance covering specific parts of the phone like screen, charger, headphones, etc. It depends on a personal contract with the service, but also this information can be found with our checker.

Take a look at the special codes related to the exact versions of each warranty type.

Periodic Warranty

  • 1 year - BS03000001
  • 2 years - BS03000002

Replacement Type

  • 7 days -BS02000009
  • 14 days - BS02000010
  • 15 days - BS02000001
  • 28 days - BS02000012
  • 365 days - BS02000161

Return Option

  • 7 day - BS01000001
  • 14 days - BS01000010
  • 15 days - BS0100000
  • 28 days - BS01000012
  • 365 days - BS01000160

So now, once you know what kind of terms Huawei has to offer, you can easily find out the warranty for your own smartphone. Yet, we will provide you with some more details than just warranty type and status. Find out all the essentials that you will learn after using our feature.
warranty documents

What details can I get with Warranty / SN / Country Checker?

  • Brand, Model, IMEI, Serial Number
    Those details will provide you with the exact phone specification, so you are sure the particular model is not some kind of clone or replica.
  • Warranty Type, Warranty Status, Valid in Country
    That info allows you to determine the exact type of guarantee and the countries in which it applies. You do not have to look for the documents and wonder if your device is still under warranty protection.
  • Start Date, End Date, Bind Date
    The exact start and end dates of the warranty will no longer be an issue for you thanks to those tabs.
  • Service Code, Service name
    The detailed sequence of digits and the signals which is applied to the particular service can be found just under these headers.

How do I use Warranty / SN / Country Checker?

  1. At the very beginning, open the browser and visit
  2. Secondly, enter IMEI Number into the bracket in the middle of the screen or directly to the following tab.

    This IMEI number is invalid!

    Enter IMEI Number
  3. Once it's entered, go through the Captcha protection and click on CHECK.
    Captcha Protection & Captcha
  4. Within a short while, you will be redirected to your Huawei's specification. From Free Checks choose Warranty / SN / Country Check tab.
    Enter Huawei Checker
  5. Click on Warranty / SN / Country Check tab and wait a couple of seconds.
    Access Warranty / SN / Country check
  6. Great! Now you can come along all the details regarding your Huawei device!
    Huawei Checker Results

As you can see, this outstanding tool will provide you with a load of an extraordinarily huge amount of information. When talking about the duration of the warranty, we cannot forget about other relevant information, especially in the context of Huawei. And it's about the activation moment, from which the warranty is calculated. Our portal will allow you to check it as well! All you have to do is read How to Use Activation Date Checker and smoothly follow presented there steps!

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