Huawei IMEI number

How to find IMEI number of Huawei

Invalid IMEI.

If you are the owner of the Huawei smartphone or would like to buy a phone from this company you should know its IMEI number.

Huawei Smartphones

IMEI number is used to identify mobile devices, so is means that every phone has its own unique number. You can use it to check exact information about your phone, or to blacklist it when it gets stolen. You should always check IMEI number if you are going to buy your phone second hand.

Here you can find a few methods of finding IMEI number on Huawei smartphones.

  1. Using the Dial Pad.
    Easiest way of finding IMEI number is to open dialing app and type in *#06#.
    Instantly after that IMEI numbers should pop up on your screen.
    Huawei dial pad
  2. In the phone menu 
    Go to the phone settings
    Then select System -> About phone 
    Now IMEI number of your device should be displayed on your screen
    Huawei imei settings
  3. On the box
    Box of your phone will always have IMEI number on itself.
    huawei box front
  4. Under battery cover
    If battery cover of your phone is removable, you can find IMEI number on the nameplate of your phone.

Below you will find video showing how to find IMEI numbers on Huawei P20 Pro