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We would like to say that the great day has come. Ladies and gentlemen, we announce such an incredible tool, which will make you happy! Now, you can smoothy find out the Warranty Status of Xiaomi device! Everything that you need to own is the IMEI Number of your XIAOMI smartphone and that is it. Reserve a couple of minutes and check out how useful the Activation & Warranty Checker can be.

This IMEI number is invalid!

What do I need to know about Activation & Warranty Checker?XIAOMI Redmi S2

Warranty Checker is such a helpful option to easily check the warranty status of XIAOMI devices, before buying a product from someone else. Our Warranty Checker single out fact that you do not need any proof of purchase or warranty confirmation to find out additional information about your XIAOMI smartphone. If you are looking for a second handed smartphone, it is worth checking out the warranty for this product. You also be able to find out if the accessories (such as charger, USB cable, and battery) of your XIAOMI are still on warranty. The Warranty Valid Country will be shown as well. If you will find this information, it will be nothing to worry about.



Let's follow the instruction below to instantly find out this awesome checker:

  1. First of all, double check your XIAOMI IMEI Number and open IMEI.INFO website to type your unique IMEI code.IMEI.INFO website
  2. Nextly, press CHECK button to get transfer to the full specification of your XIAOMI and to available XIAOMI Check.IMEI.INFO type IMEI
  3. After it, you will be redirected into the full specification of your XIAOMI device and also you will have a possibility to use FREE CHECKS, where for now you need to pick the Warranty & Activation Status.XIAOMI FREE CHECKS
  4. On this stage, simply press Check Xiaomi Warranty & Activation Status bar in order to find out this valuable information about your XIAOMI smartphone.Activation & Warranty Check
  5. Here we go! We are presenting all the information about the Warranty & Activation Status of wanted XIAOMI device.XIAOMI Activation & Warranty status

As you can see you have more things that you can easily find out, such as:

  • IMEI
  • IMEI 2
  • OLD Model PN
  • New Model PN
  • Product Model
  • Warranty Status
  • Accessory Warranty Status (Charger, USB cable)
  • Accessory Warranty Status (Battery)
  • Expired Date
  • Activation Time
  • Shipping Date
  • Warranty Valid Country
  • Find Device Status 
  • Date of checking

Now, you can see how useful our Checkers are. If you are looking to buy the XIAOMI device from the second hand, we also recommend to check it, if the phone is blacklisted, you can also find this information by using the Blacklist Status bar. If you would like to get more knowledge about Phone Blacklist Checker you can find out it HERE.

Check your Xiaomi Acivation & Warranty.  Just enter your IMEI below and click check:

This IMEI number is invalid!

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