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All of us for sure know what is the SIM card, even if you are not able to give the definition of it. You definitely know the mention of this little card. It is not that simple with the ICCID meaning, even they are closely related. So, take a look at the below information and learn what exactly stands behind this shortcut, what is ICCID in real, and what connects it with commonly known SIM card.

What is ICCID?

ICCID is for Integrated Circuit Card Identifier. This is a unique serial number of your SIM card. ICCIDs are stored in the SIM cards and are printed on the SIM card during a personalization process. The ICCID is defined by the ITU-T recommendation E.118 as the Primary Account Number. A full ICCID is 19 or 20 characters.

Sometimes it happens that on the SIM card is printed only the last 13 digits of ICCID number. On this basis, the network operator is able to identify the card while an online checker may show incorrect check results.

SIM Cards

The format of the ICCID is: MMCC IINN NNNN NNNN NN Cx

  • MM = Constant (ISO 7812 Major Industry Identifier)
  • CC = Country Code
  • II = Issuer Identifier
  • N{12} = Account ID ("SIM number")
  • C = Checksum calculated from the other 19 digits using the Luhn algorithm.
  • x = An extra 20th digit is returned by the 'AT!ICCID?' command, but it is not officially part of the ICCID.

How to locate ICCID?

In the device

  • First of all, get access to the main menu to locate all of the apps.
  • After that, open the Settings.
  • In the next step, go to the About Phone or About Device.
  • In the final step, pick the ICCID or IMEI Info to see the mentioned number.

On the SIM Card

You will be able able to find it on the physical SIM card. Let's easily remove SIM card from the slot or by pulling it out from a tray on the phone, and there you will find ICCID.

How to check ICCID?

If you are looking for your Country and International Phone Code with the ICCID number you can use our ICCID CHECKER.

  1. In the first step, open and type in the presented field your ICCID.
    ICCID Checker
  2. In the second step, press the Calculate button to get a quick response about Country and International Phone Code.
    ICCID Number
  3. Here we go! Now, you can successfully find out the Country Locator.
    ICCID Info Result
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