Report Stolen / Lost Phone

IMEI Blacklist Database

If your device is lost or stolen, taking quick action is essential. Adding your device's information to the blacklist database will make it much harder for anyone to sell your lost or stolen phone through second-hand stores, recycling companies, or online auctions. This also allows you to receive messages and notifications if someone finds your missing phone. So, it's a good idea to create a blacklist record for your device right away to improve your chances of getting it back. We also recommend reporting the theft to the police and your mobile service provider.

 How to Report Stolen / Lost Device?

  1. Enter the IMEI number of your device in the field and click the "Fill out the report" button
  2. Fill in the details in the form to report a lost/stolen device
  3. Check that you agree with the data processing and that you are the owner of the device
  4. Confirm CAPTCHA security 
  5. Click the "Report" button 

Why is it Important to Report Missing Phone? 

  • Protect Your Data: When a device is lost or stolen, your personal information is at risk. Reporting the incident allows us to take swift action to secure your data and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Prevent Unauthorized Use: Reporting a lost or stolen device helps us disable it, making it unusable for unauthorized individuals. This not only safeguards your information but also deters theft by rendering the device valueless to potential perpetrators.
  • Community Security: By reporting incidents promptly, you actively contribute to the safety of the larger digital community. Sharing information about lost or stolen devices helps create a network of awareness, making it harder for thieves to operate.
  • Assist Law Enforcement: Timely reporting provides crucial information to law enforcement agencies, aiding them in tracking and recovering stolen devices. Your cooperation can make a significant difference in combating device theft and ensuring justice.

Your Security is Our Priority!

We understand the importance of securing your personal information and devices. With your proactive reporting, we can collectively create a safer digital environment for everyone. Thank you for being an integral part of our community, and together, let's keep our digital world secure!

If you would like to check out how the BLACKLIST works and why you should report your missing device CLICK HERE.